Years of research demonstrates that the classroom teacher serves as the single greatest catalyst in increasing levels of student achievement.
The mission of Dallas Teacher Residency is to recruit aspiring career teachers and prepare them to become effective in urban schools to provide all children with the opportunity to be taught and inspired by a trained professional.
Dallas Teacher Residency (DTR) serves as a strategic response to local urban school districts' need to recruit, prepare, and retain effective classroom teachers to serve urban students in urban classrooms.
DTR prepares and supports teachers to successfully serve students in urban schools, ensuring that program residents are provided with the training, skillset, and on-going support necessary to best meet the needs of students in urban schools.

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Dallas Teacher Residency

DTR Residents Spend Morning at The Hockaday School

February 6, 2015
By Dallas Teacher Residency

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Dallas Teacher Residency

“Teachers Aren’t Born, they’re Created”

August 25, 2014
By Dallas Teacher Residency

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